Our top 10 to do in Arnhem

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Nr. 1 Sonsbeek & Watermuseum

3 January 2022

Arnhem has 13 parks, but the most beautiful and well-known park is Sonsbeek Park including the Water Museum.

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Nr. 2 Eusebius Church

3 January 2022

The Eusebius Church is the largest and most important Protestant church in Arnhem.

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Nr. 3 Airborne at the Bridge

3 January 2022

Airborne at the Bridge is an information center of the Airborne Museum Hartenstein. You can find this museum within walking distance from Hotel Haarhuis.

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Nr. 4 Historic Cellars

3 January 2022

Within a 5-minute walk you can go underground with a visit to the Historic Cellars of Arnhem.

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Nr. 5 Modekwartier

3 January 2022

A lover of fashion, design or art? Then a visit to the Fashion Quarter (Modekwartier) in Arnhem should not be missed.

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Nr. 6 7straatjes

3 January 2022

Stroll through the cozy "7straatjes" and be surprised by unique shops.

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Nr. 7 Rozet

3 January 2022

Discover Rozet! Rozet is a cultural center focused on culture, knowledge and education.

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Nr. 8 Station Arnhem

3 January 2022

Opposite Hotel Haarhuis is the impressive Arnhem Central Train Station.

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Nr. 9 Rijnkade

3 January 2022

The "Rijnkade" in Arnhem is a quay with many cozy terraces with a view of the Rhine, nice restaurants and beautiful monuments.

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Nr. 10 Museum Arnhem

3 January 2022

Museum Arnhem is a short walk from our hotel. Art lovers will love this beautiful museum