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Haarhuis started in 1918 as a small coffeehouse which had a couple of rooms. The hotel is named after the familie Haarhuis who owned the business in that time.

1 May 1918: Hotel Haarhuis starts as a small coffeehouse
1953: After WWII the station area had to be rearranged. The only thing that was left for the old villa was the bulldozer. With the Marshalls help Hotel Haarhuis was rebuild. Not as a coffeehouse, but as a hotel. Just behind the location where the city villa once stood.
1969: Beer brewery Grolsch buys the hotel from the family Haarhuis.
1985: Hotel Haarhuis joins the Best Western group.
1989: Mr. Folkert Folkerts is the new owner of Hotel Haarhuis.
1999: The hotel is sold to Mr. Arjen de Vries. Under his leadership the hotel started a big renovation. 
March 2005: Restaurant Royal has been changed into Brasserie Haarhuis.
2007: Brasserie Haarhuis is nominated for the Willem Diehl award.
2008: Haarhuis receives 'Arnhems Compliment'
11 October 2008: Hotel Haarhuis celebrates her 90th birthday and opens Bar No.1. 
2009: Haarhuis receives the Best Investment Award 2008/2009 from Best Western. 
1 May 2013: Hotel Haarhuis celebrates 95th birthday!
20 June 2013: Official opening of the new hotel wing with 36 superior rooms.
2014: Haarhuis receives the Best Investment Award 2013/2014 from Best Western. 
19 November 2015: Brasserie Haarhuis reopens with a new name: Restaurant Perron 5 
1 May 2018: 100th anniversary Hotel Haarhuis
12 May 2018: Hotel Haarhuis celebrates her 100th birthday with a special gala event
5 November 2018: Hotel Haarhuis is sold to the EHM GROUP


Corporate sociale responsibility

At Haarhuis, we find the environment very important. That's why we inventory all the lights at Haarhuis and the number of watts per light. Also the consumption of gas, water, electricity, linens and cleaning products are checked every year. The waste of the hotel is collected separately to make sure that products can be recycled. When Haarhuis purchases or replaces equipment, Haarhuis makes sure that there is one with a low energy consumption. Also the energy consumption of our refrigerators and freezers are minimized through structural maintenance. And finaly Haarhuis selects her suppliers carefully on sustainability. 

All the departments of Haarhuis offer fun and educational internships to students. In this way students can learn the company and the business and Haarhuis meets potential employees.

Fair Trade
Haarhuis is part of the Fair Trade Arnhem network. Arnhem is an official Fairtrade congregation.